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Opinion : Should smoking in public be banned?

| October 17, 2014


After a punishing morning at work lunchtime came as a welcome relief for me on Friday.

On the very stroke of 1.00pm yours truly downed tools, put on my coat, placed my cap on my head, picked up my sandwiches and left the building as quickly as possible.

Walking down Wycombe High Street with my lunch box held firmly in my hand your humble servant made my way past the market stalls and on towards my favourite bench in the grounds of the parish church to eat my lunch.

Sitting on a bench I started to eat my lunch.

No sooner had I took the first mouthful than a young lady came along and sat down beside me. Dressed like a dolly bird she looked more like the sort of lady you would find in Desborough Road after dark than the sort of person you would expect to see in a churchyard at midday.

Placing a hand into her jacket pocket a pack of cigarettes and a lighter were produced.

I opened my mouth to take another bite from my chicken paste sandwich, however just at that moment my good self was engulfed in a cloud of cigarette smoke from the young lady’s cigarette.

What was I to do? Should I tell her to put the cigarette out so I could gain full enjoyment from my lunch? No, I am far too polite for that. Instead I carefully placed my sandwich back in my lunch box and waited for her to leave.

Smoking has been banned in buildings and places of work but it’s still legal in open spaces and outdoors. For a non-smoker like me I find that quite upsetting.

Only this week national newspapers were reporting that The Mayor London has been asked to ban smoking in London’s public parks, I am in full agreement with this.

Why should the non-smokers have to put up with clouds of noxious smoke bellowing all over the place when we are sitting peacefully minding our own business?

Smoking is the curse of modern society, not only is it anti-social but those who partake in smoking are putting a burden on the health service too.

There may be a ban on smoking in public buildings but all too often employees nip outside to smoke in the street during breaks. As far as I’m concerned there is nothing more unprofessional than seeing someone dressed in a company uniform standing smoking in the street a few feet from their place of employment.

What’s even worse is walking behind someone in the street and being engulfed in a cloud of smoke that wafts over their shoulder as they walk along and puff on their cigarette.

I say let’s ban smoking in all places except in private houses. People should be able to smoke in their own home but the filthy habit should not impose on others.

What do you think?

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