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Opinion : What a windy day

| October 21, 2014


By Jove was it windy today.

Walking along the High Street at lunchtime battling the inclement weather, I could not help but nice the abundance of empty stalls in the market. The stalls that did open were being battered by the strong winds.

A few gusts of wind was not going to put me off and as usual yours truly made my way to the Parish Churchyard to eat my sandwiches.

With my lunch consumed I decided to go on a walk around the town centre. My route took me through the new shopping complex, of course the wind was gusting through there something awful due to the lack of doors.

In the shopping centre the wind made it feel awfully cold. In fact it was so cold I was glad to get into the department store for warmth.

Do you know the shopping complex has been open for over six years now. My, how time flies.

At the time it opened there was widespread upset at the design of the shopping complex, especially the wind tunnel effect created by the lack of doors. Despite the comments, complaints and general outrage the shopping complex still does not have any doors and the roof does not extend to entire centre resulting in people getting wet.

Surely something could be done to create a nice environment for people to shop in? Putting some doors on isn’t going to cost that much and it would make a tremendous difference to the ambience of the whole shopping complex.

Wycombe can afford to build a new sports centre at Handy Cross yet the addition of a few doors on the draughty shopping centre seems beyond reach.

Soon winter will be with us and it will feel as cold as the Arctic in the malls of the complex. Shops will be leaving their doors open to entice customers in and over door heaters will be wasting electricity trying to keep the shops acceptable warm.

Come on Wycombe, get some doors on the new shopping complex and turn it into a nice warm place to go where one can be out of the elements and walk around the shops in comfort.

Unfortunately my lunchtime came to an end too soon and it was time to leave the sanctuary of the department store. Before leaving there was just time to nip over to the aftershave/perfume section and avail myself with a squirt or two from a ‘tester’ bottle of perfume.

At least my good self went back to work smelling nice even if I was nearly blown off my feet walking back down Newlands Meadow in the direction of the High Street.

What do you think?

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