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Opinion : Wycombe came alive with the sound of happiness

| November 21, 2014


Yesterday, Thursday 20th November 2014, was a special day in Wycombe. It was the day the Christmas lights were turned on.

Walking down the High Street at lunchtime it was clear that preparations for the evenings entertainment were already well advanced.

Lining the High Street were various rides, stalls and other attractions. The air was filled with the steady beat of portable generators creating the power necessary to make the rides come to life.

Church Street had been transformed into a mini food market. Various food outlets were getting ready to feed the masses expected to turn up for the big show later in the evening.


One thing was clear, an awful lot of organisation, planning and preparation had been put into the entertainments for this years Christmas light switch on.

These days the event is organised by the HWBIDCo in partnership with Wycombe District Council. I must say the Christmas light switch on is a magnificent showcase for the good work done by the HWBIDCo.

Cast your mind back a few years, before the HWBIDCo became involved, the event was not a patch on the spectacle that Wycombe witnessed this year. I take my hat off to say thank you to those who put in the effort to make the switching on of the Christmas lights this year an event Wycombe can be proud of.

The event formally started at 4.00pm, so after work my good self took a walk down the High Street and around to Frogmoor. Already a small crowd had gathered. Sadly I could not stay until 6.45pm when the lights were due to be illuminated however by the time yours truly left there was a really nice atmosphere building.

Some eager youngsters were already busy riding on the fairground rides, indeed with the sound of children’s laughter echoing around the historic building in the town centre I would go as far to say that the air was filled with the sound of happiness.

It just shows that Wycombe, and the old town centre, can put on a good show when it wants to.

Everyone was happy, everyone was enjoying themselves and everyone was mixing together in the true sense of community spirit. Wycombe needs more events like this to bring the people together.

Well done to all those involved with the 2014 Christmas lights switch on.

What do you think?

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