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Opinion : Do you trust your neighbour?

| December 2, 2014


By George, I do believe yours truly has received my first Christmas present.

When I got home the other day there was a red card from the postman saying they had tried to deliver a parcel but my good self was not at home.

Of course now your humble servant has to visit the sorting office in Queen Victoria Road to collect what I assume is a festive treat. I’m hoping that it’s a food hamper!

Luckily, on this occasion, the trusty postman returned the package to the sorting office for me to collect however all too often there is a danger of unsigned for parcels being left with a neighbour for safe keeping.

Only the other day there was an article on a national news site which proclaimed that one in four Britons would not trust a neighbour to take a parcel.

Your humble servant is lucky that I know most of my neighbours however in the modern age all too often those living next door are unknown to many, especially if the house next door is one of those dreadful houses of multiple occupancy.

According to the news article more than two thirds (68%) of those surveyed wouldn’t trust a neighbour with their keys, and more than one in 10 (11%) actually suspect them of having pinched a parcel in the past.

What does it say about Britain today if ones closest members of the local community cannot be trusted?

Back in the days of the outbreak of the First World War a neighbour close by to me lost their back door key, rather than obtain a new key they just left their back door open all day and night. I doubt if anyone would do that today.

It’s a sad sign of modern life that people would rather spend hours queuing at the sorting office to collect a parcel rather than trust their neighbour.

Just think what our town would be like if the Wartime sense of community spirit returned. Wycombe would be a far nicer place to live.

Sadly I fear that is unlikely to happen in the near future and the citizens of the town will continue to be insular and fail to engage with those living near by.

What a shame.

What do you think?

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