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Opinion : Christmas has lost its meaning

| December 12, 2014


I’m sure you will agree that Christmas is a time of extravagance, over indulgence and above all waste.

At Christmas time food is always wasted, money is spent on things we probably don’t need and everyone eats too much.

I’m sure Jesus would have something to say if he returned to see the goings on at this time of year, all done under the guise of the celebration of his birth.

With all the focus on green issues and political correctness yours truly is surprised that the idea of an ethical Christmas hasn’t come to the fore before now.

Suppose we all had a little more to eat but also gave food and charity to the needy thus offsetting our extravagance and self indulgent behavior?

Money is being spent in the shops on presents but I wonder if a proportionate amount is also being given to charity? In my opinion the true meaning of Christmas is about thinking of others and not about thinking of one’s self.

Modern society has self at its centre rather than the community coming first as in the caring sharing neighborhoods found in Britain of the time of the Second World War.

As far as I’m concerned the last time the essence of community was seen in this country was during the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 when communities held street parties. During the 1980’s greed and self importance took root in society and it’s still with us today.

I wonder how many people reading this will be sending a Christmas card to the person who lives in the house next door?

Come to think of it I wonder how many people have spoken to the person next door or even know what their name is?

I suspect very few people will invite their neighbour round to Christmas lunch or even for a mince pie.

The modern Christmas has lost its meaning, sadly I fear things have gone too far to recover anything meaningful in what was once a celebration of the birth of Jesus and and time when families came together.

What do you think?

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