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Opinion : Is your black bin overflowing after Christmas?

| December 26, 2014


By Jove! Christmas creates such a lot of rubbish.

My black bin is now full to overflowing with wrapping from presents, food packaging and things that were deemed unnecessary during the tidying of the house in preparation for Christmas.

Unfortunately the dustmen (or should that be the dustpeople to be politically correct just in case there is a female member of staff working on the dustcart?) will still be coming just once every too weeks.

To make matters worse, depending on which part of town you live in, they will be a day or more later than usual because of the Christmas holiday.

Yours truly spent Christmas with a neighbour yet we generated so much rubbish that not only did we fill my neighbours bin but my bin at the Hall too. What are we to do?

You would have thought that because of all the extra waste generated at this festive time of year the bins collections would have gone back to once a week just over the Christmas period.

Now, before the penny pinchers start jumping up and down and start moaning about the cost of an extra bin collection don’t forget that during the two weeks from Monday 22nd December 2014 to Monday 5th January 2015 there is a suspension of the green bin collection service.

Surely one of those suspended green bin collections could have been turned into a black bin collection to relieve the mountain of rubbish that is building up in everyone’s bin? Don’t the powers that be realise that at Christmas time there is a bit more rubbish than usual created?

Looking at the revised Christmas bin collection dates in the Wycombe area the service won’t be back to normal until Monday 12th January 2014, that’s nearly two weeks into the New Year.

The rubbish isn’t going to magically disappear, unless of course one has a bonfire and incinerates the lot or the Castlefield arsonist comes by and sets fire to your bin.

Wouldn’t it have made sense to have had bin collections on Sunday 28th December to replace the collections that did not take place on Christmas Day (Thursday) or Boxing Day (Friday)?

Consider all the money paid in Council Tax the last thing yours truly wants to do is to start the New Year living with a pile of smelly rubbish at my house.

The only Christmas present my good self got from the powers that be is a whiffy mountain of waste sitting outside my back door. Very pleasant….

What do you think?

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