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Opinion : Wycombe Sound has become a vital part of the local community

| December 30, 2014


Sadly the Wycombe Sound radio station has temporarily gone off the air as their Ofcom Restricted Service Licence came to an end just before midnight on Christmas Eve.

Over the twenty eight days the station was broadcasting my good self spent many happy hours listening in, indeed I even sat up on Christmas Eve to hear the station right up to moment when the transmitter was switched off.

During the many programmes yours truly listened to I learned about the work of the One Can Trust, Wycombe Homeless Connection and a scheme to encourage walking particularly in the Cressex area to name just a few.

My breakfast time became more enjoyable thanks to Des Withey and Lucy. Even driving home had added interest with the wonderful Phil Catchpole as a radio passenger in my car. Producer Luke added sparkle every time he took to the microphone.

Philippa’s mid morning programmes raised awareness of the organisations helping to make Wycombe a better place and the various late night DJ’s played some catchy tunes.

I spent hours chucking to myself as Seb undertook some hilarious challenges.

High Wycombe is poorer for the switching off of the Wycombe Sound transmitter. Things are still going on in the town and people are doing good but we just won’t know about it.

In my humble opinion Wycombe Sound was more than just a radio station, it has become a vital part of the community.

The station wasn’t hidden away behind closed doors in an office block at the edge of town, it was accessible and approachable so anyone could walk in to the studio at Enterprise HQ and say hello. The listeners were made to feel individual and above all wanted, Wycombe Sound is a radio station that cared.

Over the years Wycombe has lost so many good things indeed there is an unofficial list of things our town has had, lost and we would like back.

In the two test broadcasts the station has done in 2013 and 2014 Wycombe Sound has made such an impact on the community and become held in such affectionate regard that it is most definitely worthy to be included on the list.

Yes, in my opinion, the return of Wycombe Sound ranks at the same level of importance as (in no particular order) the return of the Frogmoor fountain, Murray’s clock, the re-opening of the railway line to Marlow and the reinstatement of A&E at Wycombe Hospital.

Just think how much better High Wycombe would be if Wycombe Sound was broadcasting all year round.

I most sincerely hope that Wycombe Sound gets a five year broadcast licence soon so I can once again listen to my favourite presenters and learn about what’s happening in the town.

The sooner the Wycombe Sound transmitter is switched on again the better.

Thank you to all those at Wycombe Sound who worked so hard to bring so much pleasure to the people of Wycombe.

What do you think?

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