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Opinion : Why can’t we have wind proof wheelie bins?

| January 9, 2015


It’s certainly windy outdoors at the moment. Never has my good self experienced such a windy Friday evening in all my life.

I was tempted to go out and batten down the hatches but I fear the wind is so strong the hatches have already been blown away.

Sitting in my drawing room one can here the sound of distant wheelie bin lids being blown up then coming down with a bang as the gust of wind subsides.

Then there is the occasional horrifying sound of one of the wheelie bins being blown over. We all know what that means.

Yes, some luck householder will awake to find the contents of their bin has been blown away leaving them with a nice clean bin to fill up again.

Of course the neighbours will face the task of disposing of all the rubbish that has been blown into their gardens.

As yours truly highlighted in a blog a few months ago wheelie bins and wind don’t mix.

The wheelie bin is the epitome of utilitarian design. It’s a standard as can be. With a standard fitments on the dustcart surely bins could be produced in different shapes so long as they conformed to the operation specification of the machinery in the dustcart?

One upon a time we all had to have standard telephone supplied by the GPO, we had just three, then four, terrestrial TV channels and there was a time when double glazing was only available in white.

Nowadays choice is part of life, we can purchase a myriad of different telephones, watch as many TV channels as one likes and fit whatever colour windows suit the house.

So why can’t householders purchase custom designed wheelie bins?

Yours truly would welcome the introduction of a wind proof model that did not topple over in strong gusts of wind and had a lid that could be locked shut to prevent the wind whipping the contents out during a storm.

Sadly we are in the hands of the powers that be. The standard issue wheelie bin has many faults and sadly we have to live with them.

Oh well I suppose I must put my faith in a stack of house bricks placed on top of the lid and hope they do their job of keeping the lid shut through tonight’s storm.

What do you think?

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