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Survey shows that local residents are satisfied with Wycombe District Council

| January 16, 2015

A recent survey carried out throughout the Wycombe District has shown that local residents remain satisfied with the way Wycombe District Council runs things and provides value for money.

Conducted in autumn 2014, the survey found that 59% of residents are satisfied with the way the Wycombe District Council runs things in the district. The rating has been maintained since the last district wide survey in 2012.

In addition, more residents now think that the council is value for money, having increased by eight percentage points to 51% over the last two years.

Services that local residents are most satisfied with include the enhanced recycling and waste collections, parks and open spaces and Wycombe Swan theatre.

Services which residents are less satisfied with now in comparison to 2012 include Wycombe Sports Centre, which is set to be replaced next year, and some of the regulatory services that the council has to provide.

The survey also revealed that while local residents are still happy to find out information about the council from traditional sources such as the Wycombe District Times magazine, leaflets through the door and from local newspapers, an increasing number of residents are turning to online sources such as the council’s website and Twitter account @wycombedc.

Cllr Richard Scott, Leader of Wycombe District Council, commented: ‘Against a national backdrop where satisfaction with councils is decreasing, we’re pleased to have maintained local residents’ confidence in how we run things at Wycombe District Council.

While it’s good news that residents have high levels of satisfaction with a number of our services, particularly the enhanced recycling collections, we aren’t complacent and know that there are further improvements that we can make to other services, albeit within our limited resources.

It was reassuring, however, that the survey confirmed that we are focusing our efforts on things that local people want improving, such as a new sports centre and regenerating High Wycombe town centre.

We’re working hard to deliver the quality services that local residents have come to expect from us and through our “people” priority, we will continue to improve the way we engage with and listen to our residents and other key stakeholders.

Independent researchers BMG carried out the survey and the analysis of the results on the Council’s behalf. The survey complied with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Market Research Society Code of Practice. All responses were treated anonymously.

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