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Opinion : Dangerous junctions : Bassetsbury Lane and Chestnut Avenue

| January 23, 2015


This Friday yours truly is starting a new series of blogs highlighting the dangerous road junctions in and around the town.

This week I am featuring the junction of Bassetsbury Lane and Chestnut Avenue which statistics show has had one fatal and three reported slight injury collisions between Thursday 1st October 2009 and Tuesday 30th September 2014.

Local residents are so concerned that a Facebook page has been created calling for improvements at the junction.

Your humble servant is not familiar with that part of town so I jumped in my trusty motor and made my way down to view the junction for myself one lunchtime last week.

Driving down Bassetsbury Lane my good self approached a bend, which had a parked car on it (as can be seen from the picture at the top of this blog). There are yellow lines on the corner but they don’t extend right round the bend in the direction away from the junction.

Thanks to the parked car my vehicle was already travelling over the central road marking, just a few yards later the Chestnut Avenue junction was upon me.

There isn’t really much time for traffic to react to a car pulling out from the junction, if the oncoming car is travelling over the speed limit an accident is surely likely.

The word ‘SLOW’ may be marked on the bend but there is nothing to physically slow vehicles to ensure they are travelling within the speed limit.

Passing by the junction I turned my trusty motor around and went up Keep Hill Road to park.

Walking back to the junction I was faced by the memorial to a young man who lost his life there.


It’s remarkable how little signage there is, to anyone not familiar with the area the junction is upon you before you know it. Bassetsbury Lane may not be a main road but the long straight sections have the potential to make it a fast road.

The lack of proper street lighting on the junction does not help, driving the road a night time must surely be especially dangerous.

After spending a few moments surveying the area yours truly made my way back to my trusty motor and decided to ‘drive’ the junction for myself.

Going straight across I turned around in Chestnut Avenue and approached the junction to turn right heading back down Bassetsbury Lane and on to London Road.

After looking both way to ensure the road was clear I pulled out, keeping a watch to the right because of the limited visibility due to the bend.

By George! A car came tearing around the corner from the London Road direction, if I hadn’t put my foot down and accelerated away I fear the car would have hit my motor broadside.

We know how many fatal and slight injury collisions there have been but there are probably an awful lot more near misses that have gone unreported.

This is most definitely a dangerous junction, why on earth haven’t the authorities done something to make it safer before now?

What do you think?

*My next blog will be published on Tuesday evening around 8pm here on the WycombeToday.com website.

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