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Opinion : Are lunchtime ‘meal deals’ such a good idea?

| January 30, 2015


Walking down the High Street today holding my lunch box in my hand I was feeling very hungry indeed.

After finding a spot to sit and eat my sandwiches yours truly was still hungry so it seemed like a good idea to visit a nearby supermarket and buy some more food.

Regular readers will know that I usually make my sandwiches myself to cut cost to a minimum however today my good self was so hungry that I found myself in the supermarket looking at the ready made sandwich section.

It seems the supermarket in question did a special ‘meal deal’ whereby one could purchase a sandwich, a pack of crisps and a drink for just £3.

Three pounds for a lunchtime meal is very expensive compared to the cost of what goes into my lunch box every day.

However the hunger in my stomach needed satisfying so I picked up a sandwich and bottle of fizzy drink and took it to the till.

Taking an incredibly stupid decision your humble servant found himself doing battle with one of those newfangled automated checkouts. Oh dear, what a confloption.

Scan the item here, place it there, look at the screen to make sure everything is ok…. Whoops it’s gone wrong so call for help….

Eventually my sandwich and drink were scanned and put where the machine wanted it. Instead of the till charging the ‘meal deal’ price of £3 it was actually reading £3.55. How could that be?

Naturally I called for the attendant to ask for an explanation as to why there was an extra 55p on the bill.

It turned out that you only get the items for £3 if you buy all three of items in the offer and my good self had only picked up two.

But hang on, that means that I would end up with a free packet of crisps that I didn’t want just to save 55p….

With all the obese people in modern society, of which my good self is one, surely if someone wants to skip the crisps to loose weight they should be allowed to do so and still get the ‘meal deal’ price?

It would appear the ‘meal deal’ offer was forcing me to pick up a pack of crisps that I didn’t want. I wonder how many more people fall foul of such deals and end up taking away an item they don’t really desire?

Not only are the ‘three item deals’ making people fat because the people have to purchase unwanted items to get the deal but they are also wasting food which is precious.

Perhaps it’s time the supermarkets acted responsibly and allowed people to purchase just two of the three items to save the NHS money treating obesity and preserve food so the needy can be fed?

I would rather pack an extra sandwich in my lunch box than come a cropper with the three item ‘meal deal’ again.

What do you think?

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