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Opinion : The first casualty of a CCTV war is privacy

| February 13, 2015


Nothing has come to symbolise modern society more that the CCTV camera. Where every you go these days the cameras are there, watching, recording, spying on our every move.

Cameras are not just being installed where there are pockets of crime to catch criminals, they are going up where crime does not exist to try to prevent something in case it happens.

Just o few days ago yours truly came across an article on a national news site headlined ‘Advice issued on secret care home filming‘. Apparently there are now guidelines on the installation of covert cameras to watch over people being looked after in hospitals and care homes.

What is the world coming to if patients have to be filmed in hospitals?

Surely the nursing and caring professionals are capable of looking after those in their charge without ‘catch you out’ cameras being covertly installed?

Once upon a time a stay in hospital required a toothbrush, pyjamas and a pair of slippers. Now it seems patients can also pack their own covert CCTV camera to keep an eye on the how they are treated during their stay on the ward.

If yours truly ever goes into hospital and you come to visit me please don’t being me grapes or flowers. Instead bring me a CCTV camera just in case I am abused.

The worlds gone potty. It’s bonkers. Our society has gone CCTV crazy.

No doubt the use of covert cameras will be come widespread in care environments.

I wonder how many relatives or patients who film examples of good care will be using the footage they record to praise the carers? Probably very few because the cameras are only there to nit pick and point the finger of blame.

Who would be a nurse or carer in the modern world if they are likely to be filmed and called to account for the slightest misdemeanor?

Soon the carers and nurses will be wearing cameras themselves to record what they do to use as evidence should anyone allege abuse and declare war on the care they are receiving.

It is said that the first casualty of war is the truth but the first casualty of a CCTV war is privacy.

What do you think?

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