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Vacancies on the Independent Remuneration Panel at Wycombe District Council

| February 17, 2015

Committed individuals are being sought to join a panel responsible for advising on the allowances and expenses of elected councillors at Wycombe District Council.

During each term of the council (i.e. the four years between elections) the council is obligated to convene an Independent Remuneration Panel to consider the current Scheme of Councillors’ Allowances and Expenses and make recommendations if necessary to revise the Scheme.

The Members Allowance and Expenses Scheme is set with the aid of an Independent Remuneration Panel. This panel is consulted by the Council before recommendations to changes in the scheme are considered.

The next review is due to take place in June and July 2015.

The council is looking for another two or three people to join the panel. Meetings of the panel will take place during the daytime

Further information on the role and details on how to apply can be found on the Wycombe District Council website.

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