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Railway line between Leamington Spa and Banbury could be closed until Easter 2015

| February 19, 2015


The railway line between Leamington Spa and Banbury may not re-open until Easter, Thursday 2nd April 2015 according to Network Rail.

Over 100,000 tonnes of earth have already been removed from site and sophisticated monitoring equipment installed to track the continuing movement of the slip.

Rob Brighouse, Managing Director of Chiltern Railways, said: ‘We are fully supportive of the approach and it is absolutely right that the line should only be reopened when it is safe to do so.  We are working in close partnership with Network Rail and doing our utmost to ensure that the impact on passengers is minimised.

We apologise to customers that we will not be able to provide the full Chiltern experience and service until Easter and we appreciate their continued patience as this critical work is carried out.

In the meantime, we have reduced fares so that West Midlands to London passengers only pay the equivalent of a Banbury to London fare and put in place a ‘step-straight-on’ bus replacement service between Leamington and Banbury stations.’

A bus replacement service between Leamington Spa and Banbury will continue to be in use until the line reopens.

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