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Opinion : Would you put anything hot enough to start a fire into your car?

| March 17, 2015


In my time yours truly has just about encountered everything the world can thrown at a person.

Yesterday even my good self was amazed by the content of an article that appeared on the new section of this site.

Entitled ‘Three fires at Household Waste Recycling Centres prompt warning‘ apparently it seems a warning has been issued after three incidents of people turning up at separate Household Waste Recycling Centres and putting hot embers into the waste container which then started a fire.

It’s fairly obvious that putting hot embers into a container full of combustible waste is likely to start a fire. However for a moment lets just pause to think how the hot embers got to the waste recycling centre in the first place.

Are there really people who would scoop up embers that are hot enough to start a fire and put them into their car then drive along the road with them?

Not only is it dangerous to those transporting the hot material but surely it poses a danger to other road users too?

It’s amazing their car didn’t catch fire as the went along on their merry way to the dump.

Why have such antics suddenly happened? Surely three individual people just didn’t decide to do such a daft thing?

Maybe driving along with a bonfire in the back has been going on for years and it was just unlucky that the ashes were a bit hotter than usual in the past few days?

Should you venture near the dump perhaps it’s best to give a big gap to the car in front, especially if there is smoke coming from the windows, as you never know they may be taking a bonfire to the dump….

What do you think?

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