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Opinion : When will bonfires be banned?

| March 24, 2015


Spring was definitely in the air last weekend.

Last weekend yours truly made the most of the nice, warm sunny weather and spent a lot of time outdoors in my garden.

All was going well and I was really enjoying myself outdoors until about 5.00pm on Sunday evening when an inconsiderate neighbour lit up a huge bonfire.

My only option was to retire indoors, close all the windows and watch from the sanctuary of my drawing room as the world outside was filled with a cloud of thick smoke.

Regular readers will know that nuisance bonfires are something that I detest. Every year I write about them in the hope that something is done but, alas, no action is ever taken.

Smoking is banned in public places, cigarettes are hidden away behind shutters in the shops yet anyone can light up a smoky bonfire without fear of penalty.

The law is absurd. Why can’t everyone be protected from smoke wherever they are?

Smoking is banned in public because tobacco leaves, a naturally occurring substance, are considered harmful to health. Yet it’s perfectly legal to fill an entire neighbourhood with smoke from burning plastic, paints, oil, rubber and other far more toxic materials.

It’s about time the rules were changed. Everyone should be entitled to go outdoors and breathe in clean, fresh air.

I say ban the bonfires and punish those who light them up. Of course for a few days around the 5th November the rules would be relaxed for the annual bonfire night celebrations.

With the green bin garden waste collection scheme there should be no reason to be burning garden waste.

The powers that be are so worried about fly tipping, indeed the news section of this site often carries articles about those who have been fined for dumping waste illegally. However anyone can dump waste ‘in the air’ by burning it without fear of penalty, this I think is wrong.

Lighting up a bonfire during the evening at the weekend is another form of anti-social behaviour. Everyone in the neighbourhood should be able to enjoy their free time without being driven indoors by the actions of one person.

Those who are too lazy to dispose of waste properly should be locked up, maybe then they would understand the nuisance their actions cause to others.

What do you think?

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