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Opinion : What a daft place to put speed bumps….

| March 31, 2015


By George was it windy today.

The wind was rattling my windows all night, combined with the sound of wheelie bins being blown over your humble servant hardly got a wink of sleep all night.

As usual I awoke to the sight of rubbish blowing across my formal lawn and the plants in my flower beds has collected a couple of bins of rubbish.

Regular readers will know of my dislike for the rectangular, drab looking wheelie bins and their failure to withstand a moderate spell of wind.

However this blog is not about the poor aerodynamic properties of a wheelie bin, however the blog is on a waste disposal related topic.

Last weekend I accompanied a neighbour to the tip just around the corner in Booker.

Naturally my neighbour loaded the waste into their vehicle and we both got in, of course we were very careful to ensure the vehicle was not over loaded even with my huge, obese bulk sitting in the passenger seat.

Being a tip people are likely to take bulky, heavy or large items there. Indeed anyone keeping abreast of the news in Wycombe will know that some residents are even packing items that are on fire into their vehicle….

Soon we were making our way to the dump down Clay Lane, just past the aerodrome we turned left down the new approach road into High Heavens.

Sailing majestically along we turned left into the household waste disposal area. There in the road in front of us was a speed bump, in the short distance even the fastest car could not accelerate fast enough to warrant a sleeping policeman to be placed in the road.

As we passed over there was the appalling sound of the speed bump scraping the exhaust of our vehicle.

We passed over several more tarmac speed bumps before getting to the containers where we could unload the vehicle.

There are no speed bumps on the approach road to the dump where vehicles can reach tremendous speeds so why bother to put them in the actual area where waste is dumped?

Of all the daft places to put speed bumps surely putting them in an area where heavily laden vehicles are likely to pass by is total madness?

There’s even a speed bump at the top of the slope where vehicles rise up to the flat area where the containers are located. The angle of the slope will exacerbate the scraping of exhausts.

I think its about time the powers that be removed the speed bumps to prevent damage to the vehicles of those using the site.

What do you think?

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