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Opinion : Road resurfacing is a big improvement

| April 26, 2015


For many years the roads of Wycombe have been blighted with potholes and other nasties that catch out motorists.

However in recently there has been some real improvements, take for example Desborough Avenue.

In the past week or so a large stretch of Desborough Avenue has been completely resurfaced and what a big improvement the new surface is.

My trusty historic motor now sails effortlessly down the road, gliding as if it was on rails.

Gone is the bump, bump noise of the wheels hitting potholes and other depressions in the road now the only noise that can be heard is that of my historic motors trusty engine popping, banging and the sound of muffled explosions occurring in the silencer boxes as my car runs down the road with the accelerator closed.

Work is under way to renew the surface in Green Street and soon The Pastures will be given some attention too so we can all get up to Downley quickly and safely.

All too often dishing out criticism can come easier than giving praise and the voice of complaint is often louder than the voice of praise. Let’s not forget the hard work that has been made to get many of the key roads in Wycombe back into shape.

Indeed I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank everyone at Transport for Buckinghamshire who have worked so hard to get the roads of out town back into shape.

Over the past few months Wycombe has seen some major investment in the road network in and around the town, another big improvement was the re-surfacing of the magnificent Abbey Way flyover.

At least we can drive around safely on roads that are fit for purpose.

What do you think?

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