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Opinion : Is your number up?

| May 12, 2015


Last weekend one of my friends asked me to come around to their house to give some gardening advice.

Never having visited the home of that particular friend before I set out in my trusty motor with my friends address on a piece of paper and a trusty paper map of Wycombe to hand should it be needed.

Finding the road wasn’t too hard indeed Wycombe is a small town really, however finding the right house proved more challenging particularly because many of the houses in the road didn’t have numbers that were easily visible to anyone driving past.

The postman may be able to walk up to a driveway and see the house number but try cruising past in a car. Numbers can be so hard to read especially if the pavement is full of wheelie bins, collection boxes and the plethora of other receptacles of various shapes, sizes and colours that are used to take away refuse these days.

Indeed in my attempt to find my friends house it was surprising how many homes didn’t have any form of number visible at all.

Even if a house does have a number on it all too often bushes, trees and other shrubs may have grown over the years obscuring it.

It was then that I thought how hard it must be for the emergency services to find a particular property in a road quickly if there was an emergency.

Funnily enough my thoughts were correct and it seems the South Central Ambulance Service has even launched a campaign entitled ‘Is your number up?‘ to address this very issue.

Obviously when it comes to finding a house quickly the fire brigade are at an advantage because there may well be a plume of smoke rising into the air giving a hint as the where their services are required.

When it comes to the police and ambulance though finding a house quickly must be quite a challenge.

I’m surprised that a campaign such as the ‘Is your number up?’ campaign hasn’t been thought of before or given more publicity.

In my opinion just having a number visible isn’t all that’s needed as a road free of parked vehicles and refuse collection containers also helps to increase visibility.

As for my good self, finding my ancestral home shouldn’t be too hard without or without a number as the shire size and enormity of Bigun Hall is a dead give away as to its location.

So I leave you with this thought, if the emergency services needed to get to your home quickly can they see the number of your home easily?

If not maybe you need to take action as the last thing anyone needs is to dial 999 and then the emergency services are unable to find the property where you are.

What do you think?

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