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Opinion : Is the ticket to Wembley too expensive?

| May 18, 2015


Isn’t it good news that Wycombe’s local football team are in with a chance of promotion this season.

Last season the football team struggled to cling on to their place in League Two but this year fortunes have turned and they are now just ninety minutes away from promotion.

Of course during the play-off final the team will get the chance to play on the hallowed turf at Wembley which in itself is an achievement.

Tickets for the Wembley game on Saturday 23rd May 2015 went on sale last weekend. Even my good self was caught up in the frenzy of football fever that’s sweeping Wycombe and yours truly went to find out how to buy a ticket and more importantly how much they were.

Now, I know the match is taking place at the best and most famous stadium in the country however when my good self saw the price of the tickets I had to sit down in a chair to rest.

Wycombe has been allocated 21,618 tickets for the East End of Wembley Stadium. The ticket prices are divided into six categories with the most expensive costing £60 per adult ticket and the cheapest costing £26 per ticket.

Bearing in mind the cost of a rail fare is likely to be required too, probably around £14, the trip to Wembley may be a very expensive one for the fans with a minimum cost of £40 (£26 for a category 6 ticket and approximately £14 for the rail fare to the stadium) just to see the game.

Then of course there will be the cost of food and refreshments for half time and other expenses associated with such an important game.

So I ask you a simple question, do you think the tickets are overpriced?

After speaking to some of my friends they also think the tickets are overpriced and unfortunately they won’t be going on Saturday due to the cost. Of course this is a real shame.

I hope the team wins on Saturday and they get the promotion they have worked so hard for all season. It would be such an achievement to see our local football team playing in League One next season.

What do you think?

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