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Opinion : Does your child’s packed lunch contain healthy food?

| June 12, 2015


The other day I could not help noticing an article that appeared on a national news site entitled ‘Scotch eggs branded junk food and confiscated from children’s packed lunches‘.

Apparently in some schools the dinner ladies are going around inspecting children’s packed lunches and removing items that are deemed unhealthy.

Surely this is an invasion of the children’s privacy after all the children should be able to eat what they want and the parents should be the ones who decide what they children eat.

Whatever next? Maybe one lunchtime yours truly will be sitting on my favourite bench in the grounds of the Parish Church when a lady comes up to me and puts her hand on my lunch box to carry out a quick inspection?

In the big scale of things there are many things worse than Scotch eggs after all they are far more healthy than bars of chocolate, crisps or sweets.

Not only are Scotch eggs a traditional British food but they are one of the foods that travel well like pork pies, sandwiches and pasties.

In the 1980’s the busy bodies in society invented political correctness so they could impose their will on those who did not conform to their views. Now everyone is politically correct, well nearly everyone as my good self refuses to submit, it seems ‘healthy eating’ is focus of their attention.

Thanks to political correctness people can no longer say what they think, now it seems we soon won’t be able to eat what we like either.

If my good self was a child and a dinner lady tried inspect my food and take some of it away I would tell her in no uncertain terms to get her grubby hands off my lunch box.

If the schools still had canteens that served hot food the children would not need to bring packed lunches to eat in the first place. Every school should have a canteen serving hot food to give the youngsters a decent meal at lunchtime.

What point is there in making the children eat healthily at lunchtime when they go out to fast food restaurants in the evenings and weekends?

What do you think?

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