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Opinion : The facilities Higginson Park, Marlow are nice already – don’t change them!

| June 26, 2015


I believe that if something works then as far as I’m concerned it should be left well alone and stay just as it is. As the saying goes ‘if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it’.

I could not help but notice the article that appeared in the news section of this site a few days ago headlined ‘Council launches survey to find out what people think to the sports and leisure facilities in Higginson Park, Marlow‘.

Despite the leisure facilities at Higginson Park serving the people of Marlow well for the past forty years it seems that a survey to see what people think to the services has been launched with the possibility that things could be changed.

What’s worse is that the results of the survey will be passed to a ‘specialist consultant’ who will use the findings of the survey as part of a review into the long term future of the sports and leisure facilities that are provided in Higginson Park.

A specialist consultant? Does it really take a ‘specialist consultant’ to decipher what the people of Marlow have fed back through the survey?

Correct me if I am wrong here but surely all this is being paid for from the public purse, namely our Council Tax? If that’s correct then it would be interesting to know how much all this is likely to cost the long suffering tax payers of the Wycombe district.

Surely there are some people bright enough in the area to work out if things need changing in Higginson Park rather than creating a carfuffle with consultants whether they be ‘specialist’ or not?

Quite honestly the people of Marlow have things good compared to the long suffering citizens of Wycombe.

Marlow still has it’s historic buildings, there is no overbearing shopping complex in Marlow and the town is still a nice place to live, work and play.

I sincerely hope this survey to assess if the leisure and sports facilities in Higginson Park are meeting the needs of the resident doesn’t end up ruining something that is already working well and which many people are happy with.

I fear the survey, and any changes that come from it, may turn out to be one of the worst things to hit Marlow in years.

Let’s hope the people of Marlow don’t have to endure the same level of destruction in their town that Wycombe has seen in recent decades.

What do you think?

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