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FILM REVIEW: Minions (U)

| July 4, 2015

Released : 26th June 2015
Rated : U
Running Time: 91 mins
BBFCinsight: Mild comic violence
Director: Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda
Stars:  Sandra Bullock (voice), Jon Hamm (voice), Katy Mixon (voice), Hiroyuki Sanada (voice), Pierre Coffin (voice), Chris Renaud (voice), Michael Keaton (voice), Allison Janney (voice), Jennifer Saunders (voice), Steve Coogan (voice)

Following their appearances in the two highly successful Despicable Me films the lovable yellow helpers we know as the Minions have been given their own film.

Determined to serve the most despicable master they can find the movie follows the minions through time as they team up with successive masters in an attempt to help them. From the dinosaurs, ancient Egyptians and vampires the Minions best attempts to serve their masters all end in with their master being bumped off by the hapless incompetence of the minions.

Fast forward to the 1968 and the Minions are bored and looking for a new master to serve, enter Scarlett Overkill, a mean woman who has plans to take over the United Kingdom and steal the crown of Queen Elizabeth.

Of course the minions and Scarlett are a perfect match leading to hilarious slapstick comedy as the Minions attempt to carry out the wishes of Scarlett.

REVIEW : I found this film hilariously funny however the main bulk of the movie only featured three of the Minions (Kevin, Stuart and Bob) yet the Minions are at their funniest when they are in a group.

This is an excellent film and gives the Minions a chance to shine outside of the Despicable Me franchise of films. It’s definitely worth a visit to the cinema to see this film which is available in 2D and 3D formats.

As with the Despicable Me films remember to sit and watch the credits right to the end as there is still more comedy action to come after the credits have finished rolling. At the screening I attended it was amazing how many people got up and left the cinema when the credits appeared yet the best was still to come.

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