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Opinion : The danger of the killer Drone

| July 24, 2015


Once upon a time, not all that long ago, life was simple.

The milkman would deliver before one got up in the morning, the postman did two deliveries a day and the television had three channels which more often than not showed a test card for most of the time.

Then the newfangled computer invaded our lives and things went downhill from there.

With the computer came the concept of miniaturisation and then cost reduction meaning that ordinary people could afford things that were once out of their reach.

Children stopped playing in the streets instead they started sitting in their bedrooms fixated by the dreadful computer games. Portable phones were invented signalling the demise of the traditional phone box. More worryingly the internet came along with the impersonal e-mails and websites which contain harmful content to pollute the minds of the younger generation.

Now it seems new technologies are invading society, one of which is the computerised ‘drone’. Yes, the computer has taken to the air so we can all be spied upon as we go about our daily business.

So you think it’s unlikely that a drone hovering above will ever be looking at you? Well, think again as there have been many ‘drone flights’ over Wycombe some of which have been recorded and posted on in internet like the one below :

These drones are cheap, indeed there very cheap and readily available too.

There are concerns that drones flying too close to airports could cause planes to crash and there are concerns about privacy because you can be spied on from the drones on-board camera. Now it seems there is another concern.

Someone in the US (where else) has mounted a gun onto a drone turning it into a hovering killing machine. You don’t believe me? Well, take a look at the video below.

Whatever next?

Of course the pilot of an ‘armoured drone’ could be hundreds of yards away from the point where the gun was fired creating the ultimate stealth killing machine which is cheap, readily obtainable and can be used by anyone.

If you ask me technology has gone too far and it’s out of control.

Once upon a time my good self was safe in my ancestral home once the back door was locked, now it seems we can only be safe if we have bullet proof windows. Maybe a market will spring for armour plating houses to combat this new menace?

Why is it that people don’t do nice things with technology? Surely the thoughts of human kind extend to more than killing and maiming ones fellow citizens?

If you ask me the point things started going wrong with society was when BBC2 introduced colour broadcasts in July 1967. I fear the worst….

What do you think?

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