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Opinion : Is crime out of control in Wycombe?

| July 31, 2015


As someone who has lived in High Wycombe all my life my good self has seen many changes take place in the town over the years.

Sadly many of the changes that have happened in Wycombe in recent years have been for the worse.

Many years ago Wycombe was a nice place to live, the people were friendly and if you were in need of help someone would step forward to offer assistance.

However in recent times I fear our once lovely town may be changing in a rather worrying way.

When the demise of Wycombe’s furniture industry started the character of the town began to change. Many of the people who live in the town no longer work here and as a result the sense of local community has all but evaporated in most parts of town.

Some parts of town are still nice and there lots of nice people still living here however after reading the news section of this site there are some rather worrying things going on in the town recently.

Only this week the news section of this site contained articles in which the police had arrested a man who committed three rapes and child sex offences.

In another news article a man had been sent to prison for hitting someone over the head with an iron bar. Then of course there are all the robberies that take place.

By George! There were never such crimes taking place in Wycombe years ago.

Indeed it shocks me to think that such heinous crimes are taking place in our town and I’m beginning to wonder if crime is out of control.

Just look at how Desborough Road has deteriorated over the years. Once it was a shopping area for the well to do. Now it is full of fast food takeaways that open late into the night when the area becomes filled with prostitutes who ply their trade to passers by.

Where did things go wrong?

Years ago people could go out and leave their back door unlocked indeed I knew a friend who lost the key to their back door and never bothered to get a new one so it was unlocked all day and night.

These days if you went out and left your back door open you would probably be burgled.

It’s about time action was taken to clean up our town and root out the troublemakers. It’s all very well sending the criminals to prison but once released they return to the community leaving them free to cause trouble all over again.

Maybe it’s time that those who cause the trouble were asked politely to leave the town so the law abiding citizens can live peacefully?

Those who commit crimes against others are not neighbours or citizens, they are agents of Lucifer spreading evil throughout the community.

I’m beginning to wonder if crime is out of control in Wycombe? Something needs to be done and fast before the once nice historic market town sinks permanently into the abyss of darkness.

What do you think?

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