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Opinion : Do you know how Wycombe’s recycling scheme works?

| August 7, 2015


Regular readers will know that since its inception my good self has been critical of the waste recycling scheme in operation in the Wycombe District.

With a plethora of bins, boxes, receptacles, containers and bags of various colours the recycling scheme is just too complicated to understand.

Earlier this week I could not help but notice the article that appeared in the news section of this site entitled ‘Campaign launched to clear up confusion over recycling scheme‘.

It seems that so many people are confused by the infernal recycling scheme that the powers that be are sending teams of workers around the streets in High Wycombe, Terriers, Micklefield and Totteridge to try to educate the masses as to how the confusing recycling scheme works.

Well, I feel vindicated after all if the scheme was easy to understand then so much time and effort would not be needed to explain it to the public.

However I fear the teams may be wasting their time after all the system has been in operation in the Wycombe District for years now and if people haven’t got the hang of it by now they never will.

Why waste time trying to get the failed scheme working?

The powers that be should admit defeat and restore weekly black bin collections for all households in the District. However the number number of recycling points in the town should be increased for those who have the time to recycling items like glass, paper, etc….

Wheelie bins and other containers are a danger to pedestrians on collection day when they are left out in the pavement until the householders return from work in the evening.

Who wants a brown bin of rotting food in their kitchen or on their property for two weeks?

Money could be saved by not sending dust carts around the streets to collect empty recycling boxes from homes that do not want to participate in the recycling effort.

To save you the hassle of finding out how the scheme works here is my simple guide.

Put everything in the black bin compressing it to get as much in as possible. If there is any waste over then take it to the dump at Booker where it can be disposed of easily and for free therefore making a mockery of the millions of pounds spent on all the bins, boxes, tubs, baskets, buckets, bags, sacks and pots issued to us as part of the failed recycling scheme.

They can educate us as much as they like but they can’t force us to participate.

Anyone can take a black bag to High Heavens but they can’t make a householder recycle….

What do you think?

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