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SaveWycombeHospital asks local sports teams to put their HandsUpForAHandBack

| August 11, 2015


As part of their campaign to restore lost services SaveWycombeHospital is inviting sports teams from all over the county to join in with their HandsUpForAHandBack campaign by making a sports team collage in support of Wycombe Hospital.

Each team is being asked to take a group photograph in their sports kit with their hand up in the ‘stop’ position (fingers together). The person in the middle of the group can hold up a SaveWycombeHospital poster available at https://savewycombehospital.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/qr-mosaic.jpg.

Team pictures with a ‘#HandsUpForAHandBack’ can be sent to:

Email : savewycombehospital@live.co.uk
Tweet : @HandBackOurHosp
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/savewycombehospital/
Webpage : www.savewycombehospital.wordpress.com

The overall aim of the apolitical SaveWycombeHospital campaign is to restore services such as A&E, full maternity and overnight children’s services to Wycombe Hospital and prevent further downgrades.

If you need a pre-printed poster or want to find out more about the campaign you can contact SaveWycombeHospital at savewycombehospital@live.co.uk.

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