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Opinion : Monday, the day that learning stops in High Wycombe

| September 4, 2015


Many years ago, in the days of the magnificent library in Queen Victoria Road, my good self spent many a lunchtime browsing through the reference books.

Sadly all good things come to an end and in 2008 the old library, that was loved by so many, closed and a new contrivance opened in the shopping complex.

When the new library opened it had revised opening hours indeed it did not open on a Monday at all but opened on a Sunday instead.

In my opinion not opening a public building such as a library on a week day is complete madness. What are we supposed to do if we need to use the reference section find something out?

Surely the powers that be could fund the opening of the library on a Monday as well as a Sunday or just do the sensible thing and close on a Sunday so everyone can use the facility on a Monday instead?

I must say that from day one my good self has not been impressed with the new library. Only accessible by two lifts, or a poky staircase, entering the building is more like returning to your car in a multi-storey car park than entering a building of knowledge.

Indeed every time yours truly walks up the back stair case I expect to see a sign saying ‘Pay and Display’….

Who was it that decided that Wycombe’s library should not open on a Monday? Was this as a result of public opinion or the decision of a faceless bureaucrat who believed that they knew better than the users of the facility?

How many other towns are there in the country where learning stops on a Monday because the library isn’t open?

Aylesbury library opens on a Monday so why cant the library in Wycombe open on a Monday too?

With the children on holiday it’s madness that parents can’t take their young ones to the library to do some reading practice on a Monday. Maybe if the library opened every weekday there would not be so many delinquent children running about the town centre causing havoc?

In fact I have asked a good number of my friends for their opinion and they have described the closure of the library on a Monday as ‘annoying’.

Even the tourist information centre, located in the entrance vestibule of the library, is closed on a Monday.

One lunchtime, a few weeks ago, I saw some tourists standing outside the library who were looking puzzled because they could not get the information they wanted. Indeed after that incident my good self regularly passes by the library on Monday lunchtimes in case any other visitors to the town require assistance.

People from surrounding towns and villages know Wycombe library closes on a Monday and I fear they may be avoiding the town for this very reason. Is the closure of the library on a Monday is costing our town business and harming its prosperity?

I think it’s about time a public consultation was held to see if Wycombe library should open on a Monday.

Yes, let’s have a vote to see if we, the people who actually use the facility, want to have our library open on a Monday. That idea would certainly have my vote especially with the cold autumn days coming so your humble servant could have somewhere warm to go at lunchtime.

What do you think?

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