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Opinion : When did you last read the Highway Code?

| October 9, 2015


Yours truly was browsing the internet the other day when I came across an article on a national news site that claimed that a survey had found that only 23% of British motorists said that they had read the Highway Code since passing their tests.

Quite honestly I find it shocking that one can simply take a driving test then never have to be concerned about keeping up to date with changes in the rules of the road.

Judging by the standard of driving seen on the roads of Wycombe I can quite well believe the findings of the survey as the driving standards of some motorists are dreadfully appalling.

Jumping red lights, parking on the pavement, overtaking on the inside, speeding, cutting drivers up, driving on the pavement to get around queuing traffic…. you name it and it happens on the roads of Wycombe and the drivers get away with it.

Sadly there aren’t enough police to carry out law enforcement in general let alone make sure the roads are policed properly.

The drivers know the police are thin on the ground so who is going to catch them if they do 50mph along West Wycombe Road? Their sat-nav will tell them where the speed cameras are so they will simply slow down in the right place to avoid getting a fine.

If I was in charge a special type of highway patrol officer, slightly less that a police man but more powerful than a traffic warden, would be bought in with the sole remit of enforcing the rules of the road.

In my opinion every driver should be subject to a brief re-test every five or ten years. Those caught speeding or breaking the rules of the road should have their licences taken away and be forced to take a full driving test before being allowed back on the road.

As for my good self, well, I always keep up to date with the Highway Code indeed when a new updated version came out earlier this year your humble servant made sure that I read it.

Sadly I fear the Highway Code is lacking in several key areas as it assumes that everyone keeps to the law, which they don’t.

I think advice on what to do if a driver behind drives too close to you, what you should do if you accidently go over the speed limit for example when going down hill (i.e. how you should bring your speed down safely), how you should deal with a road rage driver, etc…. should be included in the Highway Code.

Dealing with those who ignore the laws is just as important as knowing how to drive safely.

Road safety is very important but sadly the drivers who think they own to road make a mockery of attempts to make the roads safe.

What do you think?

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