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Opinion : Wycombe’s Christmas lights are up in October – THREE months before Christmas!

| October 13, 2015


My grandfather always told me that as he got older time seems to run faster, sadly I think he was right.

Birthdays get closer together and Christmas seems to come faster the older that my good self gets.

Last week, while striding out down the High Street on my regular lunchtime walk around Wycombe, I noticed that the Christmas lights had been put up.

Frogmoor, White Hart Street and the High Street all have the festive light fitting strung accross the road all ready to be lit up.

But hang on, it only seems yesterday that Christmas 2014 finished. Surely time isn’t going by that fast?

I took a second look at the lights and checked my calendar. It’s only October. There’s the best part of three months to Christmas Day and more than a month to the offical switch on of the Christmas lights.

Putting the Christmas lights up so early is madness! They’re up far too soon and any effect they give will be ruined as we become accostomed to seeing them every day.

The Christmas goods aren’t even out in the shops yet so why bother to put the lights up so early?

The summer bedding plants are still blooming in the Old Library Gardens at the end of the High Street and Christmas is not even on the horizon for most people.

To make matters worse they are the same lights in the same positions as last year, the year before and umpteem years before that.

Oh dear. The same old lights and put up far too early. Once again Wycombe makes a mess of something that other towns have no trouble in getting right.

Let’s face it there aren’t really that many lights anyway so it can’t be a big job to put them all up so why do it so early?

In fact why bother to take them down at all? We all know what the tired lights look like after seeing them for so many years, maybe they should be left up all year to save the cost of taking them down and putting them up?

What do you think?

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