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Opinion : Good news! Wycombe Sound 87.9FM returns on Thursday 19th November 2015

| October 20, 2015


It’s not very often that something good happens in High Wycombe but something nice is about to happen in less than a month’s time.

On the 19th November 2015 Wycombe Sound, the hugely popular radio station, returns to the airwaves of High Wycombe on 87.9 megacycles on the VHF (or FM for the modern people) waveband.

I so enjoyed last years broadcasts indeed yours truly spent many a happy hour in my drawing room listening in to Wycombe Sound on my trusty Hacker Sovereign radio.

Wycombe Sound is exactly what our town needs.

The trusty radio is so often overlooked in this modern world of newfangled electronics with portable telephones, internet connected computers, devices that track our every movement and a whole plethora of boxes that run off rechargeable batteries.

However radio is a fast, dynamic medium which can bring entertainment, be informative and above all a radio set is a friend that you can listen to when you need cheering up. What’s more anyone can interact with Wycombe Sound through Twitter Tweets, Facebook looks and the telephone.

The first day of broadcast, Thursday 19th October 2015, is the day the Christmas lights are switched on in High Wycombe town centre and the radio station will be following the build up to the big switch on throughout the day.

For those unable to get into the town centre the switching on of the lights is something that passes them by. But thanks to the magic of radio this year everyone can be a part of the action from their armchair in the living room of their home thus helping to promote the good work taking place in the town centre.

Phil & Luke from the Wycombe Sound Drivetime team will be hosting the main stage in Frogmoor when the Christmas lights  are switched on. I’m looking forward to hearing their enthralling and exciting programme once again indeed in the Wycombe area they’re Drivetime legends!

Once again the station will be operating on an Ofcom restricted service licence meaning that the broadcast can only last for twenty eight days. But hopefully soon Wycombe Sound will be granted a permanent licence. The sooner a permanent licence is granted the better, Wycombe Sound is something that our town desperately needs as a permanent feature.

Just writing this blog is making me excited looking forward to the day the Wycombe Sound transmitter is turned on again.

At lunchtime today your humble servant bought a good supply of PP9 batteries, bring on Thursday 19th October and the return of Wycombe Sound.

What do you think?

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