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Opinion : Small improvements would make a big difference

| November 17, 2015


Rain, wind, more rain and even more wind seems to be the current mood of the weather.

Walking around the new shopping complex at lunchtime today was not a very pleasant experience due to the inclement weather conditions.

By Jove! The wind was so strong that my good self was nearly blown over and my trusty gamp was struggling to cope.

When it was originally built back in 2008 my good self was the first to describe the shopping complex as a ‘wind tunnel’ and noted the lack of doors not to mention the failure of the roof to cover the entire structure.

The centre has been opened for seven years now and still the shoppers are exposed to the cold, wind and rain. Isn’t it about time something was done to improve the structure?

Other towns have nice air-conditioned and heated shopping areas but alas the largest shopping complex in Wycombe has none of these features.

I fear that shoppers may go elsewhere to peruse their Christmas retail purchases in comfort rather than brave the elements in Wycombe.

Surely something could be done to add a few basic improvements to the complex to make it better after all the cost would not be that prohibitive.

In the cold weather nearly every shop has ‘over door heaters’ in operation creating a curtain of hot air to keep the cold at bay. How environmentally friendly is this?

It’s bad enough going out in the cold to get on a bus let alone going into the cold as one walks between shops.

The fact that the roof fails to cover the entire shopping centre dumbfounds me. Come on, the gaps could be filled and the existing roof extended in the area of the library so people don’t get wet as they walk about.

Unless people speak out nothing will be done, sadly in Wycombe everyone seems content to keep quiet and put up with second rate rather than speak up for the best.

I think it’s time an appraisal of the shopping complex was done and a few basic changes made (extend the roof, install doors, etc….) to create a first class shipping experience.

A few small improvements would make a big difference.

What do you think?

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