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Opinion : What can be done to solve the traffic problems in Wycombe?

| December 1, 2015


Yesterday evening my good self had just got in bed when I decided to turn on the radio and listen to Wycombe Sound 87.9FM.

Starting at 10.00pm a most interesting debate programme took place on the radio about the hot topics of parking, traffic and homelessness in Wycombe.

Naturally yours truly joined in the debate thanks to the newfangled Tweeting capability on my computer.

Your humble servant raised the topic of how many free parking days are there in Wycombe on the run up to Christmas 2015 and where are they publicised. It seems that nobody was able to answer my question.

Thursday 19th November 2015, the day they switched on the Christmas lights in the town centre, was a free parking day but as far as my good self is aware that’s the only day this year – please let me know otherwise.

No wonder the shopkeepers of the town are struggling if Wycombe isn’t offering any free parking days and if there are the people don’t know about them.

The debate programme on the radio was an excellent example of how the people of the town can have their say on the current issues we face. Once again it shows just how vital it is to have a radio station like Wycombe Sound in the town.

Here are a selection of the Tweets that my good self made during the debate :

  • WDC should abandon ANPR technology in town centre car parks and return to Pay & Display. It’s too fiddly to pay with ANPR!
  • WDC should extend Wycombe’s Special Parking Area and enforce dropped kerbs and fine those who park on the pavement!
  • Those who live in Wycombe and have a car registered to a house in the town should get a discount on parking in the car parks!
  • If there’s money to put parking spaces on Frogmoor when will the money be found to put a working fountain on Frogmoor?
  • Something needs to be done so buses can leave the bus station in Bridge St. without being held at lights or in a traffic jam!
  • Traffic problems got worse over the years due to poor road layouts, why can we have someone external to Bucks doing the roads?
  • At the bottom of Plomer Hill on rail bridge big kerbs are narrowing the road – the kerbs needs lowering and road widening.
  • With so many needing homes why has the magnificent Collins House at the end of Desb. Rd been left to rot/empty for so long?
  • The wonderful blue/white Collins House in Desborough Rd is a fine example of late 60’s architecture – it should be listed!
  • Is it any wonder so many are homeless – Wycombe’s factories have been demolished and no job = no money = no home!

What frustrates me most about the problems that blight our town is that we can all see what’s wrong yet the powers that be either fail to solve the basic issues or do something that we all know won’t work.

Just look at the mess in the lower part of West Wycombe Road since the road was narrowed, a 20mph speed limit imposed and a ridiculous roundabout constructed.

The tailbacks have got so bad that last Saturday afternoon cars were having difficulty leaving the Newlands Car Park.

But the powers that be are determined to plough on rather than admit failure (risking the possibility of those who dreamt up the mad cap scheme losing a MBE or even a Knighthood in the New Years Honours list).

I fear that if more roads are ruined by being ‘Masterplanned’ the town will grind to a halt.

It’s about time our hard earned Council Tax money was spent on doing something useful rather than creating traffic jams.

Rather than rushing into yet more unnecessary changes the powers that be would be far better turning on their radio and listening to what the people of Wycombe really think.

What do you think?

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