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Man, 35, from Southall sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Anita Kapoor

| December 8, 2015

On Tuesday 8th December 2015 a 35 year old man from Southall was sentenced to life imprisonment, to serve a minimum of 22 years, for the murder of Anita Kapoor whose body was found in a layby near Gerrards Cross on Tuesday 23rd June 2015.

On Monday 7th December 2015 Navin Mohan of Southall was found guilty by a unanimous jury at Reading Crown Court of the murder of 34 year old Anita Kapoor from Uxbridge.

Following the sentencing, the family of Anita Kapoor said: ‘We fully agree with the jury’s decision to convict Navin Mohan of the murder of our beautiful Anita. But, however comforting it is to have justice for Anita, it doesn’t bring her back.

This sadistic, evil man had the audacity to plead not guilty to Anita’s murder, even though the evidence was stacked against him. He made us sit through over two weeks of a harrowing trial, lying and showing no remorse. We have had to listen to details of how Anita was murdered – no-one can understand the impact this has had on us. Further, some of the evidence given at court has tainted the reputation of our wonderful Anita.

We are now relieved to know that Mohan cannot hurt anyone else ever again.

In a statement Anita’s family also said : ‘Anita brought so much joy to our lives. Family was important to her; she was a wonderful mother, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, niece and granddaughter. We would always turn to Anita because she was caring, giving and a good listener. She was also a natural with children and an inspirational mother to her daughter.

Anita had a wonderful childhood, then she found love and was happily married and had a beautiful daughter. But Anita suffered from depression and when it took a hold of her it had devastating effects. However, Anita’s illness didn’t define her, she loved all the good things in life; she enjoyed her food, adored all types of music and loved to dance. This is how we will remember Anita, full of life and vigour.

Since we were told Anita had been murdered we have been living in a real-life nightmare. We think we are going to wake up and Anita will be there again, but then we pinch ourselves and we realise she’s gone forever. Celebrations such as birthdays, weddings and Christmas will never be the same without Anita. Life will never be the same without Anita.

We have found the whole process, the police investigation and the court proceedings, soul-destroying. Anita has not been portrayed in court as we know her, and we feel her lifestyle has been exaggerated. She suffered from depression and this had a serious detrimental effect on her life.

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