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Wycombe District Council sets ambitious plans up to 2019

| January 22, 2016

Safe and acceptable standards of private rented housing, a vibrant town centre in High Wycombe and efficient and accessible services are just three of many ambitions that Wycombe District Council has said it wants to achieve by 2019.

The Council’s full list of ambitions, which are set out in its recently published Corporate Plan, prioritise delivering value for money, customer-focussed services and enhancing the Wycombe district for the people who live, work and visit here.

The Corporate Plan sets the strategic direction for the council and informs the work of each of its services under three priorities of ‘place, people and pounds‘.

By prioritising ‘Place: regeneration and infrastructure‘ over the next few years, the council aims to:

  • Deliver major regeneration and development projects.
  • Ensure a sustainable balance between homes, jobs and supporting infrastructure so we can accommodate required growth without compromising the quality of our natural environment.
  • Improve the vibrancy of High Wycombe town centre.
  • Facilitate opportunities for business growth and job creation.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance our green infrastructure offer to benefit both people and wildlife.

The council’s ambitions for ‘People: cohesive communities‘ are to:

  • Engage with younger people to help meet their needs and aspirations locally.
  • Enable local residents and communities to shape their local area.
  • Encourage safe and supportive communities with strong social cohesion.
  • Work on projects and schemes which benefit local communities.
  • Ensure targeted and affordable help for those in most need.
  • Ensure standards of private rented housing are safe and acceptable.
  • Help address the affordability gap by exploring innovative housing solutions.

And in focusing on ‘Pounds: value for money services‘, the council aspires to:

  • Continue to innovate and transform our services to provide them in the most efficient and  accessible way.
  • Consider new devolution opportunities and how this could benefit public services across our district.
  • Investigate the user-pay principle for services.
  • Generate new annual revenue streams.

Cllr Katrina Wood, Leader of Wycombe District Council, commented: ‘Our priorities are based on what our residents have told us is important to them, national and local priorities and opportunities and our available resources and capacity.

We still live in financially challenging times and the next few years will see us continue to respond to the government’s funding reductions. But, we have a clear strategic direction as a Council with a sound financial projection, so we will respond to these challenges in the best interests of council tax payers and residents of the district.

We are an ambitious and forward-thinking council that is striving to make a difference to people’s lives. We are determined to ensure the district continues to prosper and be the place that people want to live, work and visit.

For more information about the Council’s three priorities, visit www.wycombe.gov.uk and search for ‘corporate plan‘.

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