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Opinion : Should the construction traffic for HS2 stay away from the Wycombe area?

| February 9, 2016


Years ago people welcomed the coming of the railways indeed they brought prosperity and wealth wherever they went.

By virtue of it’s very design HS2 is only likely to bring misery and blight to all in its path indeed it’s the railway that nobody wants.

Of course the natural choice for a high speed link from London to the North would have been to follow the old Great Central route from London through Wycombe and onwards. The Great Central was even built to the more generous continental loading gauge.

Thankfully the 40mph speed limit at the bend immediately to the North of platform two at High Wycombe railway station put the dampeners on any modern day high speed trains coming through our town.

However it seems that the people of Wycombe may still be blighted by HS2, not from the trains as they pass by major towns without stopping but from the construction traffic building the infernal line.

Only last week an article appeared on the news section of this site entitled ‘£480,000 for road safety improvements on HS2 Ltd construction routes‘.

It seems that construction traffic was to have passed down the A40 right through the magnificent High Street at West Wycombe. Thankfully those plans have been stopped in their tracks thank to a campaign group which included Princes Risborough Town Council, Bradenham Parish Council, West Wycombe Parish Council and Wycombe District Council. Well done to them all.

However it seems that construction traffic from the unwanted railway is still likely to pass along the A4010 between High Wycombe and Aylesbury.

Oh dear. I wonder how many vehicles this will involve? Will they be heavy goods vehicles? What times will they be operating?

The last thing we need are large lorries blustering down the A4010 towards High Wycombe and then presumably along the A40 towards town or the M40.

Nobody wants the HS2 railway and nobody wants the construction traffic either. HS2 is not wanted wherever it goes and whatever it does.

Rather than wasting money on HS2 it would have been better to invest the money re-opening the line from Wycombe to Marlow to alleviate pressure on the chock-a-block road network.

I really thought that Wycombe would escape the clutches from HS2 but sadly it seems not. What a shame.

What do you think?

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