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Opinion : Are Wycombe’s shops selling what the people want?

| March 8, 2016


By George its cold outside!

It seems the country is in the grip of a rather nasty cold spell at the moment.

Your humble servant felt decidedly chilly while walking down Wycombe High Street on my regular lunchtime walk around the town centre today.

Rather than sit in the grounds of the Parish Church it seemed more sensible to wander around to the new shopping complex and take the benefit of the heat inside the shops.

With no money to purchase any of the goods, indeed most of the items for sale were well beyond my price range, all I could do was wander around looking at the items on display.

It surprised me to see that in the shops there were ladies handbags on sale costing several hundred pounds, men’s suits with price tickets well into three figures, paintings on sale for many tens of thousands of pounds and other very expensive items.

However there didn’t seem to be many people buying the items at the tills, rather the ‘customers’ present seemed to be people like me looking for somewhere warm to go at lunchtime.

Naturally before leaving the shopping complex yours truly availed myself with a squirt of extremely expensive aftershave from a free ‘tester’ bottle in one of the upmarket stores.

Later in the afternoon, while busy at work, I could not help think of all the expensive items in Wycombe’s shops. Who on earth is going to buy those items?

Surely the women folk from Castlefield don’t turn up on the number 33 bus and nip round to an upmarket store to purchase a handbag costing £500?

Do the men of Micklefield arrive on the number 32 bus to purchase a designer suit for £1,000?

It seems unlikely that the people of Downley take a limited edition artwork costing £10,000 home to hang on the wall of their cottage by the common?

I fear there are an awful lot of shops in Wycombe selling items that are beyond the price range of many of the people of the town. Surely a town centre should be selling items that the people want and can afford otherwise its future must surely be in doubt?

What’s the point of a shopping centre if many of the items are out of the reach of the local population?

Why on earth is the bus station not located nearer to the High Street where the shops are selling items that those arriving by bus are more likely to afford?

To me the shops in Wycombe seem all muddled up. Many are selling items that people just don’t want, others are selling items that are too expensive while anyone arriving by bus has to walk a very long distance to get the High Street for the market and pound shops.

I therefore ask the question ‘are the shops in Wycombe selling what the local people want?’. If not then something needs to be done.

Maybe it’s time there was a reality check to re-align the shops, items being sold and retailers in the town centre?

What do you think?

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