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Opinion : Get your radio ready – Wycombe Sound have a 5 year broadcast licence

| April 22, 2016


There was some most excellent news for Wycombe on Wednesday this week when it was announced that Wycombe Sound have been awarded a five year licence to broadcast by Ofcom.

I’m so looking forward to having Wycombe Sound as a permanent feature of the town. Wycombe desperately needed a community radio station and now we have got one.

The station has already shown what it can do during the three four week trial broadcasts that have already taken place. During the test broadcasts I was amazed how much they managed to get into such a short amount of time.

The radio station has shown it’s worth already from covering events in Wycombe, like the switching on of the Christmas lights in the town centre to special programmes when Wycombe Wanderers played games in the FA Cup. Not to mention the highly useful traffic information which my good self found most helpful fro avoiding the terrible traffic jams that build up in the town centre.

Over the next five years the station will undoubtedly become a central part of life in Wycombe and a place we can turn for entertainment, information and useful programmes that keep us informed on developments and the good work taking place in the town.

From what I understand once the station is on the air permanently in addition to the programmes already featured in the trial broadcasts there will be cookery programmes broadcast from The Radio Kitchen, which is part of the studio complex as well as live music concerts from The Blue Room, also in the studio building, which is large enough to contain the performers as well a moderate sized audience.

With live performances taking place not only is the radio station becoming part of the town but the very studio that Wycombe Sound broadcasts from is likely to become a central part of the local community too for hosting live events.

When the station returns permanently on a full time basis I’m sure the people of Wycombe will be wondering how we managed before.

I’ve got my radio ready, the sooner the Wycombe Sound transmitter is switch on on again the better.

What do you think?

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