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Opinion : Is the TV licence an outdated throwback to the past?

| May 3, 2016


Wasn’t the weather poor for the Early May bank holiday?

Cloudy and overcast it seemed better to stay indoors rather then venture outside.

Thankfully yours truly spent most of the weekend at a neighbours house watching the enthralling snooker final on their television.

Regular readers will know that your humble servant does not have a television of at my own home. The cost of the licence and the poor quality of programmes made it not worthwhile to pay for a TV set. Anyway I can nip around to my neighbour if there should be anything important on, like the snooker.

In this modern age the TV licence is a monolith of the past. With programmes streamed on the internet and available on ‘catch up’ services people can simply watch on a portable phone anywhere they want even if they don’t have a TV licence.

It is assumed that everyone has a TV and someone at every house has to buy a licence. The television licence is just another tax on every house in the UK.

Rather than the TV licence being a yearly charge surely it should be incorporated into the initial cost of a TV set? A lifetime set licence to watch would be far better than a yearly bill.

As the licence fee goes to the main state broadcaster, why not abolish the TV licence completely and increase income tax slightly to fund the state broadcaster directly? At least the retired would not be affected and would still be able to watch for free.

You would have no idea how difficult it is to convince the licensing authorities that my good self does not have a TV. Even when they are told that I don’t have one at my home the cloud of an impromptu inspection by licensing officers hangs over me.

It would not be too bad if the programmes were any good. Many say the halcyon days of television were back in the 1970’s, of course back then there were only three channels to choose from (of which the licence funded two channels) and BBC2 showed a test card for most of the time.

If they didn’t make so many dreary and boring programmes and reduced the number of channels perhaps the licence fee could be cut so the cost was more reasonable?

As far as I’m concerned the snooker, motor racing and a few educational documentary programmes are all that are worth watching these days. Most of the other programmes are shire dribble.

I would rather watch the wind blowing the plants and the wildlife that visits my garden than endure some of the programmes on TV these days.

What do you think?

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