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Opinion : Trees and bushes that overhang the highway and pavement can be dangerous

| May 31, 2016


Wasn’t the weather nice over the Bank Holiday weekend? It wasn’t too hot, nor too cold and thankfully it didn’t rain.

I took the opportunity to get cracking with some jobs in the extensive gardens of my ancestral home.

Regular readers will know that a few blogs ago my good self wrote a blog about the state of the grass verge at the front of my home.

Whilst standing on the verge not only did yours truly notice the shocking state of the long grass, which the municipal authorities seem to think only needs cutting several times a year, but I also happened to see that some of the established trees and bushes in the front garden of my home were encroaching slightly over the front boundary of my property.

Unlike the maintenance of the grass verge cutting the vegetation back is something that is definitely within my remit.

Last weekend your humble servant decided to trim the many trees, shrubs and bushes so they were within the confines of my property. Admittedly it was a job that hadn’t been done recently and it took me over four hours to complete.

Driving around the roads of Wycombe it’s amazing how many houses have bushes, large shrubs and trees overhanging the highway.

At some houses vegetation overhanging boundary fences is quite a problem indeed it makes for a very dangerous situation for the motorist at junctions when visibility is reduced. Of course having a pavement full of leaves and branches also makes things difficult for passing pedestrians.

It’s about time the authorities made residents cut back trees that overhang the highway indeed I feel home owners should be told to cut their unkempt hedges and if they fail to comply then the powers that be should do the job and send the bill to the owner of the house.

Sadly highway maintenance is focused around pot holes and street lights rather than dealing with vegetation encroaching onto the pavement and highway.

Things are bad enough with pavements full of wheelie bins and parked cars without having competition from undergrowth too.

There are certain responsibilities that befall those who own houses and surely they have a duty to make sure plants and trees growing in the front garden stay in the garden and don’t go elsewhere.

What do you think?

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