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90% of food premises in Aylesbury Vale rated at four or five stars for food hygiene by the Food Standards Agency

| August 2, 2016

90% of the food premises within the Aylesbury Vale District Council area have been rated at either four or five stars for food hygiene by the Food Standards Agency.

Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) run the food hygiene rating scheme for the Vale area in partnership with the Food Standards Agency.

Carrying out the inspections of food businesses, checking that they meet all requirements as set out in food hygiene law is the responsibility of AVDC. Once inspected each food business is given a rating based on findings on a scale from 0 to 5. A rating of 5 being the highest possible rating.

By consulting the food standards rating for each food premises members of the public can see the food hygiene standards as measured by the Councils inspectors.

158 out of 187 pubs and bars in the Aylesbury Vale have been awarded four or five stars. 162 out of the Vale’s 199 restaurants, cafes and canteens are rated just as highly. When it comes to takeaways 52 out of 78 have been given high food hygiene ratings.

If the inspectors from AVDC find a businesses that doesn’t meet the required food hygiene standards the Councils officers work alongside them to ensure an improvement in their standards.

Further information on the food hygiene rating scheme and to check to see what rating a particular business has been given can be found at www.food.gov.uk/ratings.

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