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39 vehicles clamped in crackdown on untaxed vehicles in High Wycombe

| December 15, 2016

Thirty nine vehicles were clamped following a joint operation between Thames Valley Police and the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to crackdown on untaxed vehicles in High Wycombe.

For two days on Wednesday 7th December 2016 and Thursday 8th December 2016 officers working with NSL Services, contracted by the DVLA, took to the streets of High Wycombe to identify and enforce untaxed vehicles across the High Wycombe local policing area (LPA).

Besides the thirty nine vehicles that were clamped a further twenty five vehicles were issued with DVLA warning notices for being parked on a public highway without valid Road Tax.

A similar operation took place in High Wycombe during August 2016 in which 57 vehicles were clamped, 14 vehicles were seized and 24 vehicles issued with DVLA warning notices.

PC Stuart Baron, Neighbourhood Officer based at High Wycombe police station, said: ‘Untaxed vehicles parked on our roads continue to be an ongoing area of concern for our communities.

Last week’s operation demonstrates our continued commitment to working with our partners to address these issues in order to make High Wycombe a safe place to live, work and visit.

We will continue to enforce this legislation and hope that this sends out a strong reminder to people that it is not acceptable to park an untaxed vehicle on a public highway.

Luke Allen from NSL Services said: ‘As DVLA’s national wheel clamping partner, NSL clamp or impound any untaxed vehicles seen on the road, and are delighted to support these joint operations.

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