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Opinion : Christmas 2016

| December 25, 2016

So here it is, this is Christmas 2016.

This year my good self has thrown open the doors of my ancestral home and welcomed several friends, my neighbour and close compatriots to join me for Christmas lunch.

Naturally the lunch was a grandiose affair with full silver service at the table while we all ate from my hand made fine china dinner service which dates back to the 1860’s.

After lunch we sat around the Christmas tree which looked magnificent being lit with over 1,000 bulbs and decorated with antique ornaments most of which probably wouldn’t meet modern health and safety requirements.

Yes, Christmas 2016 was a most enjoyable time.

Naturally my good self offered to pick up my guests and bring them to my home for the festive party.

While collecting a friend who lives close to, but not in, Castlefield I was surprised to see some builders busy at work constructing an extension on a house.

The noise they were making was appalling indeed my friend said they would be glad to come to my secluded home for some peace and quiet. I’m guessing the builders were not followers of Christmas, but all the same it’s a bit off to kick up a din on a day that is special to others like Christmas Day.

I would have thought that, when issuing the building permit, the powers that be would specifically state that building work was not to be carried out on Christmas Day and other religiously and nationally significant days so as to protect the peace and quiet so others can celebrate. Sadly this does not appear to be the case.

Once all my guests had arrived we kicked the party off with a stroll through the extensive gardens on my estate, the walk ended up at the South Pavilion where we all enjoyed a festive drink (non alcoholic of course).

While it may be Christmas Day for us humans for the wildlife it’s just another day. All too often we forget our fellow creatures so this year yours truly has ensured the wildlife had a Christmas treat too.

As we all sat looking out of the windows of the pavilion my guests were surprised to see a robin land nearby and pause for a few moments before taking flight again.

It’s the simple things like that which make Christmas enjoyable. You don’t have to stay indoors and eat your self silly, you don’t need to consume large amounts of alcohol and beer. There’s more to Christmas than self indulgence indeed the whole point of the festival is celebrating the birth of Christ.

I wonder how many people are in tune with the real spirit of Christmas rather than the retail driven, self satisfying vision of Christmas that has taken over modern society?

Anyway that’s enough from me, it’s time to get back to the party. May I wish you all the best for Christmas 2016 and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

What do you think?

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