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Buckinghamshire County Council release statement on Aylesbury being chosen as Garden Town

| January 8, 2017

Buckinghamshire County Council have released a statement on the Government’s announcement that Aylesbury has been chosen to be a new Garden Town.

Warren Whyte, Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment at Buckinghamshire County Council, said: ‘The new Garden Town status for Aylesbury announced this week is great news for Aylesbury and for Buckinghamshire. We are very pleased to be a joint partner in this Garden Town initiative and we are delighted that the bid has been successful.

Garden Town status will help to provide some of the modern, high-quality facilities needed by local people in Aylesbury and surrounding areas. This will include iconic, innovative design, public art and more green and open spaces, all delivered through partnerships of councils, organisations and individuals across the public, private, voluntary, community and faith sectors in the town. There will also be a boost for the Bucks economy generally in terms of jobs and growth for the town’s retail businesses, as well as a cultural resurgence for the town, putting it ‘on the map’.

The County Council gives its full commitment to working collaboratively and closely with Aylesbury Vale District Council and other partners to deliver this strong future vision for Aylesbury.

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