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Transport for Buckinghamshire mounts clean up operation following Storm Doris

| February 23, 2017

On Thursday 23rd February 2017 Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) received hundreds of calls from the public reporting trees and debris in the roads following the strong winds brought by storm Doris.

In order to deal with trees and debris blocking Buckinghamshire’s roads several TfB teams have had to suspend other work to concentrate on the clean-up operation.

TfB teams are working closely with local tree surgeons, utilities companies and the police. It is likely that work to clear the roads will continue into the night.

Transport for Buckinghamshire are asking members of the public to report fallen trees in the roads to Transport for Buckinghamshire by calling either 01296 382416 or 01296 486630 (out of hours). Members of the public are being advised not to use social media to report emergencies.

So far on Thursday 23rd February 2017 TfB teams have dealt with the following incidents :

High Wycombe and surrounding areas

So far today the High Wycombe TfB team has dealt with twenty two trees in the road. Only one of the trees required help from local tree surgeons.

Gully cleaning has been suspended to release another crew to deal with the effects of the stormy weather.

It is expected that at least two crews will continue working into this evening.

Aylesbury Vale

As of 3.00pm on Thursday 23rd February 2016 TfB teams have attended to eighteen trees in the road with several more still to do.

Two in-house TfB crews attended to debris reported on the roads, the crews are putting in road closures and diversions. Two tree surgeon contractors also clearing fallen trees.

Western Power Distribution have been called to Little Horwood where a tree fell across the road and brought a power line down. The tree landed on a Public House.

The A413 between Winslow and Swanbourne will remain closed for several hours due to a tree falling on a power line.

Chilterns & South Bucks

Over fifty fallen trees have caused disruption on the roads in the Chiltern and South Bucks area.

The whole TfB workforce is currently dealing with removing trees and branches from the road or installing road closures. In several locations TfB teams are being supported by South Bucks Tree Surgeons in order to deal with the larger obstructions.

All other works were suspended during afternoon due to the sheer volume of wind-related incidents. It looks likely the work will continue into the evening.

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