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New PSPOs to tackle prostitution in Desborough Road and anti-social behaviour in Wycombe town centre

| March 16, 2017

Two new Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) have come into force in High Wycombe.

The PSPOs give Wycombe Disctict Council and Thames Valley Police the power to take action against specific types of anti-social behaviour in certain parts of High Wycombe.

The first PSPO enables the police and the council to tackle alcohol-related anti-social behaviour in High Wycombe centre, The Rye and Desborough Road areas.

The second order is intended to restrict all activities related to prostitution and soliciting in the area around the Desborough Road shopping district.

Last week signs were installed in the areas in which the orders will be in force.

Before and potential action can be taken a police officer, Police Community Support Officer or Wycombe District Council officer must see anti-social behaviour taking place. Residents who witness any anti-social behaviour taking place are urged to call 101 to report it.

A three month public consultation on the initial PSPO proposals was carried out by Wycombe District Council in 2016. The feedback used to define the area and roads in which the PSPOs would be enforced.

Cllr Julia Adey, Wycombe District Council’s Cabinet Member for Community, said: ‘The council has listened to residents and businesses in bringing forward these PSPOs, with the orders giving authorities more flexibility to take action against people deemed to be committing anti-social behaviour in our town.

We wish to ensure High Wycombe is a pleasant, vibrant and enjoyable place to live, work and visit. We believe these orders will enable the authorities to take action against any individuals who may potentially spoil the visitor experience to the town.

Further information on the PSPOs and the areas in which they are in force can be found by searching for ‘Public Spaces Protection Orders‘ on the Wycombe District Council website at www.wycombe.gov.uk.

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