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Opinion : Brexit day +4 and already there’s talk of ‘war’ with Spain!

| April 2, 2017

Only four days ago, back on Wednesday 29th March 2017, the Brexit Article 50 triggering letter was handed to the European Union officials.

Now the United Kingdom has started the process of leaving the EU and becoming an independent nation once again.

You may have read the blog my good self published back on Thursday 2nd March 2017 entitled ‘Opinion : Have the Brexiteers rushed in where fools fear to tread?‘ in which yours truly finished with the words ‘In my opinion Brexit was a good idea, however the implementation is being bungled.

Well, in the four days that have passed since the Article 50 triggering letter was delivered it seems my fears are becoming reality.

In response to Britain’s letter the EU said that the ‘leaving’ process must be decided before talks can commence on a trade deal. Then the Spanish played a trump card by bringing the issue of Gibraltar into the discussions from the outset, catching the British off guard, and using the issue to ensure that the Brexit deal will not apply to Gibraltar without an ‘agreement between the Kingdom of Spain and the UK’.

Now just four days from ‘Brexit day zero’ articles have started appearing on national news sites hinting that the UK ‘‘would go to war’ to defend the sovereignty of Gibraltar‘.

The ‘leaving’ talks haven’t even started and already we’re facing the possibility of the British Armed Forces being mobilised with the prospect of a couple of Megatons being let off over Madrid and Bazooka fights breaking out in Barcelona.

Of course if the British Government wanted to put up a show of strength they would send an aircraft carrier to the region but alas sadly the UK doesn’t have any aircraft carriers to send. In fact we don’t have any aircraft carriers at all as the last one, ‘HMS Illustrious’ was scrapped back in 2014.

It won’t be until 2021 that the UK has access to a fully functioning aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

But hang on a moment, Spain produces an awful lot of the food in that we buy in UK supermarkets, indeed only a few weeks ago we suffered a ‘lettuce shortage‘. It is really wise to go making threats of ‘war’ towards a country that feeds a significant proportion of the population of the UK?

By George! It’s a mess isn’t it?

If Britain has got in such a pickle after just four days what will things be like in two years time when we are an independent country again? I fear the worst.

In the four days since ‘Brexit day zero’ both the EU and Spain have played trump cards, two aces from the deck have been put on the table by the opposition. I fear our own Article 50 triggering letter is starting to look more like the UK played the ‘joker’ of the deck….

As yours truly said at the end of my previous blog on the topic of Brexit ‘In my opinion Brexit was a good idea, however the implementation is being bungled.‘….

What do you think?

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