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Free 20 minute NHS Health Check for Buckinghamshire residents over 40

| April 11, 2017

Buckinghamshire residents over 40 are being encouraged to visit their doctor for a free 20 minute NHS Health Check.

Jane O’Grady, the Director of Public Health for Buckinghamshire, said the risk of heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and stroke increases over the age of 40, and a health check now could help prevent a small issue becoming a bigger problem later.

Evidence shows that although people may feel fine now, they could be increasing their risk of developing heart disease in the future,‘ said Dr O’Grady. ‘By taking up the offer of a free NHS Health Check now you could literally be saving your life in 20 minutes.

Letters from GPs are being sent out in the next few weeks to invite people over 40 for a health check, although there’s nothing to stop people making the first move and asking their GP for an NHS Health Check, says Dr O’Grady.

We especially want to encourage men as we know that they are at increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, but may be less likely to attend!‘ she said.

Buckinghamshire County Council is organising health checks for its own staff and opening Old County Hall in Aylesbury on Wednesday 19th May 2017 to provide free health checks for people who are unable to have their health check at their GP Practice.

Appointments for this and other locations around the county are bookable online at buckinghamshire.nhshealthchecks.com/locations. Alternatively, people can make an appointment for an NHS Health Check with their GP practice.

To be eligible for a Health Check you must :

  • Be aged between 40 and 74.
  • Live in Buckinghamshire.
  • Not been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, or had a stroke.
  • Not had an NHS Health Check in the past five years.

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