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Man who pointed imitation firearm at a policeman is sent to prison

| July 7, 2017

Aylesbury Crown Court.

A man from High Wycombe has been given a prison sentence following an incident involving an imitation firearm in Herbert Road, High Wycombe.

On Monday 3rd July 2017 the man, aged 23, of Herbert Road, High Wycombe appeared at Aylesbury Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to the offences with which he had been charged.

The man  was given a 20 month sentence for an imitation firearm offence, a 15 month concurrent sentence for possession of a bladed article (chainsaw) and a one month consecutive sentence for criminal damage. This gives a total sentence of one year and nine months’ imprisonment. The chainsaw and imitation firearm were also forfeited.

The offences took place Thursday 1st June 2017 between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. Two calls were made to police that the 23 year old man had been walking up and down Herbert Road in High Wycombe trying to start a chainsaw whilst swearing and shouting.

A local resident tried to calm the 23 year old man down, however he had to return back into his house for his safety. The 23 year old man was then seen damaging the resident’s fence with the chainsaw before going back to his own house.

Shortly later, the 23 year old man emerged from his house in possession of an imitation firearm (an air pistol) which he then pointed at the resident’s house and pulled the trigger. Nothing was fired and no damage or injuries were caused. The 23 year old man then went back into his house and officers from Thames Valley Police arrived at the scene.

As a police officer approached the front door the 23 year old man lifted the imitation firearm towards the police man. He was then disarmed and arrested at the scene, but continued to display aggressive behaviour on the way to custody including repeatedly kicking the police van which caused damage to a panel.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Manminder Purewal, of High Wycombe Force CID, said: ‘I am pleased that [the man] admitted his crimes in front of a court. This was a very frightening incident for all those involved, which thankfully didn’t end in anyone getting hurt.

I hope the community are reassured by the swift action taken in dealing with this matter.

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