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Opinion : Now lets see action taken against the ‘nuisance offences’ that blight Wycombe

| July 20, 2017

Did you read the news article that appeared on this site a few days ago entitled ‘12 arrested by police in operation to tackle drug dealing in High Wycombe‘?

It seems that the police have launched a major offensive to tackle drug dealers in High Wycombe. I’m sure all the decent, law abiding citizens of the town will welcome the police action to put the rotten scumbags who peddle drugs behind bars where they belong.

Ridding the town of serious crime is most welcome but what can be done next to make our town a better place to live?

Well, personally my good self would like to see action taken against those who cause a nuisance in the town centre and residential areas of the town.

For example those who park their cars on yellow lines, or even worse park half on the pavement and half on the road on yellow lines.

What about those who leave their wheelie bins out on the pavement for twenty four hours a day seven days a week blocking the pavement so pedestrians can’t walk past?

What about those who conduct overt commercial businesses from residential properties causing nuisance to neighbours with parked vans, cars and other commercial vehicles?

What about those who persistently light nuisance bonfires on sunny evenings forcing neighbours to go indoors to avoid the smoke?

What about those who drive above the speed limit in residential roads?

What about those who drive cars with extremely loud exhausts around residential roads late at night waking up everyone in the houses they pass by?

Tackling the serious criminals is most welcome but surely it’s the small offences that cause the real nuisance to the people who live in the town.

Something can be done about all the ‘nuisances’ that my good self has listen above but sadly no action ever seems to be taken, which I feel it a terrible shame.

While tackling serious crime must always be the priority there are actually more people affected by the ‘petty nuisances’ listed previously so surely the time and money of the powers that be should be focused on making life better for the whole rather than the minority?

Enforcement on the aforementioned points would actually bring in more money for the powers that be through collection of Council Tax being avoided operating nuisance commercial ventures from private homes and fines raised from the owners of wheelie bins left out on the street. However no money whatsoever will be brought in by closing down drug dealers.

What do you think?

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